ClearView Research is a leading-edge research consultancy specialising in co-creative research, insight gathering and social impact evaluation.

Unlike traditional research companies, we do not rely solely upon desktop research and most of our work is done away from our desks. Our researchers engage and work with the people in society that are not on your typical polling company’s database and those who are most socially excluded (or labelled ‘hard to reach’).

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our research is always: (1) accessible, (2) engaging and (3) inclusive for a wide audience.

Our social mission is to empower through research, grassroots organisations and key stakeholders in society that are striving for social, racial and economic justice.

We provide our clients with a ‘clearer view’ on:


The issues and matters that our clients require detailed information on


Understanding the target audience or consumer pool that our clients are seeking to reach and engage


The problems our clients have in order to provide them with innovative solutions


Meet our talented research team, providing leading solutions and expert insight

Kenny Imafidon CMRS

 Co-founder & Managing Director 

For 7 years (since the age of 18), Kenny has been working on local, national and European research projects. Whilst in his final year of university, Kenny co-founded ClearView Research, as he wanted to change the way research was done and wanted to adopt a more inclusive, social-action orientated and co-produced way of conducting research.

Kenny has travelled to many countries across the world, such as the United States, Israel, Belgium, Austria and Hong Kong, to either conduct research or share our research findings and insights.

Kenny is a big fan of the ‘Hunger Games’ movies and his favourite series at the moment is ‘Power’. His favourite song right now is ‘Shine’ by Meek Mill.

Leonie Bellio

 Co-founder & Director 

Leonie is a co-founder of ClearView Research and one of our leading analysts. Leonie is a strong believer that data and insights should always be presented in an engaging, digestible and visually stimulating way.

Leonie is also a qualified registered Nurse with several years clinical
experience in varied specialities, including the acute and public health setting.

If Leonie could travel anywhere in the world it would be to Usha Villiage, Honduras and her favourite artist is India Arie.

Annette Dale-Perera

 Associate Consultant 

Annette has a wealth of experience and knowledge in various areas of research. She has over 20 years’ experience of project managing and conducting research projects.  Annette is a member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) advising government on drug policy. She works very closely with the team on a wide range of projects and supports the team from the planning stage to execution.

Annette is very well published and has written and overseen over 100 publications including research, evaluation, national guidelines and policy documents.

Her favourite song of all time is ‘Insomnia’ by Faithless. Annette loves Life of Pi, but also adores the Lord of the Rings trilogy and of course, Star Wars.

Burphy Zumu

Director & Senior Research Executive

Burphy joined the ClearView Research team when the company first started in May 2015. He was our first employee and was made a director at CVR in 2017. 

Burphy is a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which includes the Avengers, Thor and Iron Man movies.

Dr. Bianca Bailey Wilson

 Senior Research Consultant 

Bianca leads on engagement and impact at ClearView Research. Bianca is a qualified educator, researcher, evaluator, trainer, and an award-winning thinker and speaker. Bianca has worked on research projects focusing on issues of diversity, inclusion, student well-being and underrepresentation. She has extensive experience in researching diverse communities and understanding young male behaviours and characteristics, and her PhD research used social-psychological approaches to explore access to higher education for young black and ethnic minority (BME) men from disadvantaged backgrounds.

If Bianca could travel anywhere, it would be Japan and her favourite film is Amadeus.

Natasha Jung

Research Executive

Natasha first started working as an intern for ClearView Research before joining the team as a Researcher in 2016. Natasha works for ClearView Research part-time, in between her studies at Queen Mary University.

Natasha was born in Tokyo and her favourite movie is The Big Lebowski.

Zuhayr Dawe

Research Assistant

Zuhayr joined the team in 2015 as a Research Assistant whilst still studying his degree. 

Zuhayr’s favourite song at the moment is ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ by Coldplay, featuring Beyoncé and his favourite TV series is Suits.

Dimple Hirani

Research Executive

Dimple joined the ClearView Research team in 2016 as an intern after graduating from Queen Mary University, where she studied Politics. Dimple has provided research support on a number of commissioned projects, including a youth-led inquiry into solutions surrounding the decline in youth voter registration. 

Dimple enjoys watching TV boxsets in her spare time with her favourite series being How to Get Away with Murder. If she could go anywhere in the world she would love to visit Hawaii.


Solution-focused Reports

With a solution-focused team, it will be no surprise to you that our reports are solution-focused too.

We provide our clients with reports that are: (1) clear and readable for a wide audience (we avoid any jargon or trying to sound like a smarty pants for no reason) and (2) look visually stimulating and cool!

Focus Groups

Our team are experienced in organising and running focus groups across the UK. We have conducted focus groups on behalf of clients such as NHS England and UK Youth.

Through, our focus groups, we collate in-depth insight and data from participants. 95% of our focus group participants have stated that our focus groups are a fun and great experience.

We present all our focus group findings in a clear and accessible way, which mean our clients always have a clearer understanding of focus group topic, as well as proposed solutions or answers to their focus groups questions.

Impact Evaluation

Our team have experience in conducting social impact evaluations for clients, particularly those who are charities or not-for-profit organisations.

We have a comprehensive track-record of producing impact evaluation reports that demonstrate the effectiveness of a client's' work and identify changes required to address their organisational challenges.

These evaluation reports we produce can be a valuable resource when client needs to prove to key stakeholders or funders that their project or service is value for money and is achieving its intended impact and more.

Campaign Support

Our team provide specialist advice and support to clients who are seeking to develop or expand a successful campaign. Our team possess unique experiences and expertise, which provides us with invaluable campaigning knowledge that any client can benefit from.

We work closely with our clients to develop campaign strategies that are both creative and innovative, as well as, doable and practical with the budget and timeframe given. Our team will provide full support throughout our clients campaign to ensure that their campaign achieves its objectives. Members of our team have worked on campaigns with government departments and brands such as Tinder, Deliveroo and Uber.

Market Research

We have an experienced team of researchers who are able to conduct street surveys and effective online surveys to gather in-depth insights with a wide range of people cost-effectively , particularly with millennials (young people under 35).

We have conducted market research for clients such as London Early Years Foundation, the UK's largest childcare charity and social enterprise.

Desktop Research & Briefings

Our researchers can provide desktop research for clients who either, do not have the capacity do it themselves or who would prefer to leave responsibility for their organisation's research tasks with us.

Our research team can also provide research briefings on a wide range of topics and issues for clients.

We  have worked with some amazing clients, here are few of them below


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